Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Presets are templates that can be applied to any of your photos to improve their style, lighting, blur, and many other factors based on its settings.

These small changes can have a big impact on your photos and also on you!

To buy presets on our website, you need to add the preferred presets to your shopping cart. Where after you choose your preferred payment method and complete the payment.Please check whether your email address is correct when placing your order. This is important, as after the completed payment, you will receive an email with a button to download the presets.

As the presets are digital products, we do not provide refunds once they have been purchased. This is the industry standard.

RAW! Please shoot your photos in Raw. A RAW file is basically an image that preserves most of the information from the camera, such as sharpness and contrast, without processing and compressing. However, the RAW format needs to be converted to JPEG and other image formats which are more convenient for printing and sharing.

Presets files come in a zipped file as they are huge. Before you make use of the presets, you will need to unzip the file first (it’s usually just a double click).

It’s a suite of digital photography editing programs that photographers use as their “digital darkroom” to “develop” unprocessed photographs. There are three versions of Adobe Lightroom.

There are two desktop versions: Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC, and 2 mobile ones: Lightroom CC Mobile. The Classic version is, as the name implies, the “classic” desktop editing program which the most photographers, including myself, still use to edit their photographs. This version does not automatically sync with the cloud or Lightroom Mobile. Lightroom CC is the desktop version of the mobile app and is a “cloud based photo editing” program. It has a more minimal interface than the Classic one, and it’s a less powerful program, though the editing tools are largely the same. Lightroom CC (not Classic) automatically syncs your photographs and presets with the Lightroom Mobile app if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. 

Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC both have to be purchased through Adobe, but the Lightroom Mobile app is free though can be upgraded to unlock more advanced tools and features, which I think is highly worth it! Even if you are just using the free version of the mobile app, you’ll need to create a free account in order to use it.

The difference is that in order to use the mobile presets you need the free application and a phone. In order to use the desktop presets you’ll need to get an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that includes Lightroom, or have any other version of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop with Camera Raw installed on your desktop. Adobe Creative Cloud plans start at just around $13 a month. The set-up and installation to get the presets on desktop and mobile is easier if you have a CC subscription, but it’s pretty simple for the free version too! The desktop presets are more powerful and flexible, but they apply the same effects.

No. These presets are designed for natural light photography with the exception of the “Nightlight” preset which is designed to cool off indoor lighting at night time. They’re not designed, other than that one, to work with artificial, indoor lights though they would work with studio lighting that simulates natural light. 

Because there are SO many variables in determining the coloring, tones, and light of each individual photos like the geographic location, time of day and year, camera, settings, lens, lighting, file type (RAW vs JPEG), and the subject (what it is you are shooting), presets will usually require tweaking to fit each unique situation. Even I tweak and adjust when using my own presets. In order to get the most out of your presets you will likely need to adjust the White Balance and Exposure sliders after applying the preset to get your desired look. Please watch the “Editing with Presets” tutorial video included with your purchase to get the most out of them!

A RAW file is a high quality, unprocessed file and will yield the best editing results. A JPEG is a compressed file with less information in it which makes editing a bit harder. The Mobile Presets are designed for JPEG on a mobile device. The Desktop + Mobile version is designed to both edit RAW and JPEG on Desktop and Mobile. Whenever you have the possibilty, for best results work with RAW.

Presets are for anyone who enjoys photography and wants to add a high quality editing finish to their photos. This doesn’t mean you need to be a professional photographer, but you should be passionate about your photos.

Adobe Lightroom 2018 or more recent versions, Lightroom for Phone work with our presets.

If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us.